Thursday, February 18, 2010

"Women liberation" is wrong

I think the term "women's liberation" is hugely problematic and outdated. In my opinion it should be "gender liberation".
It is a relatively widely held view in today's society that there is no further need for feminism. Women have acheived equality and anyone who still considers themselves a feminist is a man-hater just looking to put men down and give women the advantage. Although this is (atleast mostly) very untrue I am not at all surprised this view has gainec the currency it has today.

When feminism started out it focused on women out of neccesity. We had no dicernable independence what so ever and our liberation and equality was, I would even go as far to say, all that mattered. However, this is not the situation we are in now. On paper we have most of the rights men do. Although there are some issues left to be dealt with about policy and legislation, for the most part the fight now is in people's attitudes and society. But this fight is not just a struggle for women or about women anymore, men are just as oppressed and just as responsible for liberation from this oppression. A lot of the negative male attitudes towards women that are a source of female oppression (and anger) are a product of the gender role men are forced into. If we tackle male oppression we will simultaneously be fighting against the oppression of women. Everything is relative. If there was no man there wouldn't be a woman because the differentiation wouldn't need to be made. So fighting solely for the liberation of one sex is pointless. You can not liberate one sex without liberating the other at the same time. The two gender roles in modern society are interdependant, they cause and affect eachother.

I think as a result of what the fight for equality between the sexes has already won we are at a point now where focusing solely or even primarily on women is no longer advantageous. We need now to focus on gender as a restricting force in and of itself regardless of sex. If the movement can be directed (or more realistically recreated and then directed) in this direction we will cover new ground of benefit to both sexes and thus all of society. It is unreasonable to expect men to be bothered to get involved in a movement that intentionally marginalises them. Why wouldn't they leave it to women to fight for their own liberation? If we, however, look at the bigger picture (or in my opinion reality) men need liberation from gender roles just as much as women do and more importantly women's liberation cannot be achieved with out the participation and liberation of men.

For a struggle against sexism feminism is terribley sexist.

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